Four Most Common Toilet Problems and How to Repair Them

The only place in our homes where we visit frequently but are reluctant to do repairs is the toilet. A toilet is a crucial facility in our homes without which people could be messing up our neighbourhood. Thus it must be up and functioning all the time because you never know when you will need to use it next.

Any trouble that might occur in a toilet may paralyse its services until the operations are restored to normalcy.

Here, we are going to discuss five major common problems that may occur in the toilet and how to handle each of them.

Problems and their solutions

Water running continuously in the toilet

Sometimes, you may hear water running in the toilet even after a flush and the tank has refilled. This means that the flapper is worn out and requires a replacement. The flapper usually maintains a tight seal at the bottom of the tank and returns to that position after every flush. With time, the rubber hardens and forces the flapper out of its position making water flow freely down the toilet.

The best solution for such a problem is just to replace the worn-out flapper with a new one. You must follow the correct procedure when replacing a flapper.

Incomplete flush

In some situations, you find the flush starts but suddenly cuts off, making it an incomplete flush. The amount of water released cannot provide enough force to drag the content down the pipe. In this case, the chain may either be loose or the valve may be restricting the amount of water entering the tank.

To fix such a glitch, you have to make appropriate adjustments to the chain to allow the flapper to rest in its normal position. Alternatively, you can adjust the extent of the valve to allow more water into the tank.

Overflowing bowl

Another insane problem that is frequently experienced in the toilet is overflowing the bowl. This can occur because of a clog in the toilet that is preventing the content from flowing down the drainage pipe.

It is simple to clear a clog in the toilet. You shave to immerse a toilet plunger into the mouth of the bowl and then create a seal inside. The next step is to apply a rhythmic push-pull motion that will generate pressure in the drain to free the clog. However, you have to be gentle while doing this or risk splashing the content all over the washroom.

No flushing

A toilet may fail to flash if the connection inside the tank is loose. The lift arm and the chain must be attached to lift the flapper or else one cannot flush. So, if you realise that the chain has been unhooked from the lift arm, you should return it to its correct place and try again.

Leave the job to the experts

I bet most people can only do at most two of the repairs and the rest will be challenging to them. That is why there are toilet repair sydney professionals who are specifically interested in repairing your toilet. Thus, if you find yourself unable to repair your toilet, you can give them a call and invite them over to help you with their services.

Those professionals know exactly what to do in every situation and also walk around with their tools that make their work easier.

By Sandra Spencer